Friday, February 26, 2016

Maddie Adkins: The Promise Project

For years, I've been trying to figure out how to make real progress on climate change in Indiana. I've long believed youth are the key, as they are the ones we're handing this messed up planet to. And so I am happy to introduce you to 17 year old Maddie Adkins because I am certain she is representative of the way forward.

Maddie lives in Carmel, and is dividing time between Carmel High School and her own homeschooling arrangement that leaves her with ample time to pursue her number one passion: fighting climate change.

Recently, she had the opportunity to view a video of how Eugene, Oregon, youth led a collaborative effort with their elected officials to pass the nation's first climate recovery ordinance. This victory inspired Maddie to create a project in Carmel, based on the Eugene success.

On Feb. 26, she visited four schools in Indy, presenting to well over a 100 students, from second graders to high school juniors. It was an inspiring day, as you can see below, and if you want Maddie to visit your school, please email me.

We start our day along 86th Street, where we utilized my car, a 1999 Honda, belonging to a previous millennium.
First stop, one of my favorite high schools, Decatur Township School of Excellence. Maddie presented her Promise Project idea to the approximately 30 sophomores and juniors.
Heading north, I could not resist taking this shot of the Harding Street plant, no longer burning coal!
Next stop, The Orchard School to present to approximately 60 second graders.
I wish I had captured the moment when every hand in the room went up when Maddie asked "Who in the room is studying climate change?"
The students are ready to get engaged with climate recovery!
Next stop, Harshman Middle School, for a presentation that included a video by Prince Ea. Maddie and I will return to Harshman next week for a field trip to Paramount.
Next stop, the amazing Paramount School of Excellence.
Attentive middle schoolers had a bunch of questions for Maddie when she was done.
All in all, a fun and delightful day spreading the word that youth can make a difference when it comes to climate change.
If you want to learn more about climate recovery and our local projects, please email me.


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