Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our biggest Climate Camp yet, part two!

This Climate Camp was so vast, with so many adventures and photos, I had to break this blog into two sections. Hope you followed us here from there. When last we were together we were mid way through Day 3, our adventure on IndyGo. One group went to Indy Urban Acres, to see where our lunches were coming from that week. The other, my group, were visiting Paramount School of Excellence, a frequent destination for my work.

Our biggest challenge at Paramount was keeping the chickens from stealing our lunches.

The Campers got to wrangle the goats back into their pen.

Natalie is sporting her Freewheelin' sticker. We ended up going to Harrison Center for the Arts, before finishing our day at the Nature Conservancy, downtown Indy. All in all, a packed and wonderful experience.

DAY 4: A Bicycle Adventure

To connect the dots of Freewheelin' and carbon reduction, we embarked on Thursday on bikes, meeting at Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center, then bicycling to Fruit Loop Acres. Today, I did not take so many photos as I was busy riding a bike, as well as keeping an eye out for traffic. People in cars were extraordinarily nice that day. We must have been a sight, about fifty of us on bicycles!

Bikes at rest at Fruit Loop Acres.

Farmer Kay from Fruit Loop Acres showing us how to use dowsing rods to trace the ancient river below.

Farmer Kay has about 30 varieties of fruit on her urban farm.

Kevin was so helpful on our ride, ensuring our safe passage from destination to destination.

Maddie, Anisa and Molly, enjoying Fruit Loop Acres.

Nothing better than petting the bees at Fruit Loop Acres.
We enjoyed a vegan lunch of rescued food at the incredible Second Helpings.
When we returned to Chase, we met with Kate Franzman again, learning more about bees, as well as composing, urban farming, and all-round sustainability.

I will say it again, Climate Camp is all about making friends: Lilly (left) and Skye agree!

DAY 5: Back to Peace Learning Center

Our final day was a connect-the-dots presentation by me, emphasizing some basic climate science, and reinforcing the idea that eating vegan, taking the bus, riding bikes, and growing and consuming locally, all make sense when one wants to be a good steward of the planet. We also talked about civic action as well, from getting engaged in our statewide advocacy for a Climate Action Plan, to initiatives in cities such as Eugene, Oregon's, to enact a Climate Recovery Ordinance.

Sebastian made sure we put our waste to good use, turning the used cups and plates into a robot costume for our Showcase.

Magda and Lucy made an installation about bees.
Ella (left) and Homiko, prepping their presentation on how buying second hand clothes is a better option than buying new ones. The Weasleys are a model family, from their perspective.

The presentation.
Caroline, with Maciah having fun in the background, shows off her new t-shirt.
Cora (left) demonstrates with Adara how to talk about the "Ask Me About My Future" t-shirt that is the centerpiece of each and every Climate Camp.

We had a packed show on Friday night. Campers created plays, songs and movies, all in one afternoon.

Last ones out of the building that evening: Maciah, Kristina, me and Iris.
And so we completed our second weeklong camp, thanks to our hosts at Peace Learning Center. No one got hurt on our bike ride, no one got lost on our bus trip, and only a few campers reported nightmares associated with climate change. All in all, I hope we inspired a few more kids to join Youth Power Indiana, and our continuing effort to find the sweet spot of climate stewardship and civic leadership.

If you want to learn more, email me or leave a message.

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