Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Here comes Climate Camp!

It's long been a dream for me, to hold a day camp for kids that's about our climate predicament. What a delight, then, to find someone with a similar dream, Kristina Hulvershorn, Youth Programs Director at Peace Learning Center. She brings a different discipline, that of humane education, a philosophy that teaches the whole child about their entire impact upon each other and the ecosystem. An instruction that encourages compassion and respect for all living things.

That's Kristina on the right. On the far left is my friend Mat Davis, who recently attained a position at the PLC. A match made on earth! Mat is not only an expert at sustainability, eco-conscious farming, composting and other earth-friendly behaviors, he's also one of Indy's best spoken word artists. He'll be wonderful at the Camp, encouraging creative expression in our campers.

In the middle, you see Tyler Gough, who runs Indy Urban Acres, an urban farm on the east side of Indianapolis. Food grown there goes to local food banks to help feed folks in the Indy area. You can bet the food is responsibly grown, and very tasty!

Given the central importance of food to our climate camp, you might call the above the Sod Squad.

Sorry, couldn't resist!

We'll have help from many great folks, from Matt Shull, whom you've read about in this blog in the past, to a partnership with the Ivy Tech Community College of Central Indiana Hospitality Administration Department. That's a mouthful! And it will be a delicious one, as campers learn how to prepare this locally grown food.

Who are the campers? Incoming 4th-to-12th graders who "get it," who understand in their hearts that our consume-and-waste culture is creating trauma for all living systems. The solutions are everywhere! And our camp will not dwell on the negative, but emphasize solutions. We'll take a field trip and ride bikes, visiting some of these solutions. We'll bring folks in who are working on sustainability projects.

The cost? $30, including lunch. The dates? July 21-25. The time? 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., though on the final day, the 25th, we'll go into the evening with dinner and a dance party. The location? Peace Learning Center at Eagle Creek Park. Want to apply? Email me at jimpoyser@earthcharterindiana.org and I'll send you the application materials, along with answering any questions you might have.


  1. I'd love to come speak at your camp, but I don't "get It" unfortunately. I don't believe the science is settled or that dissent is a criminal offense. Sorry! :-)


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