Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Gambold High School gameshow

Ever since I started going into schools and sharing the climate reality slideshow, I've wanted to visit Gambold High School. Its reputation is stellar; every one says the kids are of the highest caliber, bright, engaged and fun.

I found that out, as you can read in a previous installment, but when I got the opportunity to present to the entire school (over 100 students), I decided to deliver the gameshow version of my slideshow.

Here I am, getting ready for the students to arrive.
Thankfully, I had a friend with me: Richard McCoy. Richard is an old basketball buddy, and we hadn't seen each other for some time. When he asked me recently what I was up to these days, I invited him to accompany me to Gambold.

Thank goodness he did. Not only did he take these photos you're eyeing, he also handled the music — first with my iPod and then his phone — the lighting and a little bit of the feung shui as well.

Really, once things got going, there's no way I could have paused to catch my breath, let alone take a photo. So thanks, Richard.

I also have to thank Todd Robinson at LUNA. When I told Todd what I was doing at Gambold, he agreed to give me six goodie bags, filled with t-shirts, free CDs and stickers.

The hardest part for me was choosing the contestants. The way I had planned the show, I was able to have three sets of two competitors. Of course, each competitor got a prize, the same way I do it at my monthly The Ain't Too Late Show at Indy Fringe Theatre.

The reason it was difficult to choose was because so many of the students WANTED to compete. I usually encounter a bit more reticence to participate. But not at Gambold. Many hands were raised when I asked who wanted to play.

An unplanned aspect of the event, which lasted 40 minutes, but went by in a blink, was that the longer the show went on, the more responsibilities the students too on. Here, a student has joined me on stage to help read the questions.

By the third set of contestants, the students, as you can see, had all but taken over the show. I'm basically standing in the background, twiddling my thumbs.

As the students exited the room, I was zooming on adrenaline. This photo below, says it all, as one of the students, Dylan, raises his arms in triumph. That sense of exhilaration is exactly how I felt about being at Gambold. I hope to return there soon.