Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our first stop in South Bend: Amazing!

John Gibson and I are beginning our tour of northwest Indiana, and if our first stop is any indication, we'll have solved the world's problems by the time we return on Thursday evening.

I had heard of the remarkable Coman family and their efforts to get chicken coops welcomed into the South Bend city limits. We had exchanged emails about our kids' initiative to youth involved in climate change leadership, and after a luscious lunch of chili and home baked bread, we got down to business.

The kids — from a couple different families (see below) — were as well behaved and attentive as you'd ever imagine. It was like I was (happily) trapped in an episode of Star Trek, a future (present) with smart-as-whips kids learning in a decidedly non-industrial assembly line format.

It was inspiring: a small scale learning environment with kids whose age range insured near-peer instruction and exciting collaboration. Plus, they pledged their interest and passion in our growing group of youth, willing to tackle the future head on by engaging in climate advocacy now.

Great ideas came out of this, including the necessity of assembling books about climate change that are appropriate for younger readers. Any ideas?

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